Thursday, November 1, 2012

Assignment 9 Character Stop Motion Animation

Poor little devil can't get any company with these classically gorgeous to cheer him up Mulan just felt that she could be nice and spare him some time.

And thankfully with the help of some fine friend's of mine I am able to show this little snippet. Didn't really consider the fact that 2 seconds of frames on ones, simply does not register for quicktime and other forms of media. Though for the most part with this film, I really should have timed it out to have the pauses that it calls for.

How I made this film, was by simply using my camera and statues along with a little trinket. I should have used a stand for my camera, but believing that everything would be fine,I just set it up on my desk. After dealing with some technical difficulties that I mentioned before, I soon turned to using After Effects and exporting out a rendering of the images that I composited.

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