Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recreating Cameras and Lights in Maya


according to reference.

45 degree turn.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Assignment 10 Outline of Second Term Paper

Path of Action Pushed and Broken within Animated Films

In movies the Path of action defines the reality within the film. Often it is seen in animated films or shorts that the sense of Path of Action is broken to add comedy. Timing is key for when it comes to make a scene funny. In the films, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Over the Hedge and TMNT where it is intentionally meant to read as comedic.
II. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
a.       The scenes that dealt with Flint and Sam jumping within the Jello Mansion defies the matter of arcs in which there are longer pauses at the apex for the characters.
b.      Near the end there is a great storm that Flynn runs up the spaghetti tornado, defying the path  of action where Flint is able to elevate in certain moments through his travel down to the ground.
c.       In reality, with the speed of the wind, objects would follow through and be pulled with the force  and when it comes to jumping there is an even distribution of timing.

III. Over the Hedge
a.       The beginning shot where the red wagon is accidentally nudged over the cliff, the wagon should have followed through to arc out more instead of dropping suddenly.
b.      Also the sense of timing and speed through the movements of the characters are pushed to the extreme as in to relate to older Loony Toon cartoons.
a.       In the introduction and ending, the Teenage mutant turtles are running and jumping from building to building in the city. The one thing that is out of place is the fact that the end of their arcs end short to the point that they drop straight down instead of falling through.
b.      There is a scene when Mikey is skate boarding through the sewers, and with him riding up about the walls and railings, the amount of speed he is going as well as the angle should force him to keep moving forward instead of continuing on with sharp turns .
c.       The path of action is pushed to the extreme in comparison to reality where naturally with friction and weight, the object would follow through.

V. Conclusion
                Path of Action and Arcs of Action are broken within these movies based on the idea to make things more comedic as well as bring more “character” to the animation.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Assignment 9 Character Stop Motion Animation

Poor little devil can't get any company with these classically gorgeous to cheer him up Mulan just felt that she could be nice and spare him some time.

And thankfully with the help of some fine friend's of mine I am able to show this little snippet. Didn't really consider the fact that 2 seconds of frames on ones, simply does not register for quicktime and other forms of media. Though for the most part with this film, I really should have timed it out to have the pauses that it calls for.

How I made this film, was by simply using my camera and statues along with a little trinket. I should have used a stand for my camera, but believing that everything would be fine,I just set it up on my desk. After dealing with some technical difficulties that I mentioned before, I soon turned to using After Effects and exporting out a rendering of the images that I composited.