Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mini Portfolio

Hey All!

I guess I have great luck as in deleting my posts! Well anyways, if any of you didn't see my previous post, my name is Meghan Auer. I am part of the Animation/Illustration department as well as involved in the Shrunken Headmen Club.I have been at San Jose State for 5 years now, transfered from Las Positas in Livermore. I am originally from Pleasanton where my parents still live.As in being part of the A/I department, I am focusing on 3D modeling. Before I was mostly involved in environmental and Layout design for films. Right now I am in Ani 117 and 116 with Courtney Granner and Baron Storey, both great teachers and artists, even though I never had any classes with them before. I am currently working on an animated film with Professor Dave Chai, that a group of us had started in the beginning of summer. I am head of the CG department where I am creating 3D assets and rendering them to be in a 2D style. We should be done by the end of the month and I definitely recommend people to see it! (Well whenever we are able to even show it I guess). I had also worked on previous films such as; Why Do We Put Up With Them in the summer of 2011 and Green Ninja: For Goodness Rake this last spring semester. I am looking forward to this semester because I hope that it will also help me understand the physics of different CG assimilations such as fire, hair, cloth, and water. 


This last semester I designed out a steampunk girl and modeled it out in Maya. The one thing that was most difficult was to work with the Hair system within Maya. It is rather finicky.
The semester before in the Intermediate Modeling class with Dave Gustlin, we were to model out the Cave Troll from the Lord of the Rings. A really interesting project that was heavily depended on Z-brush, another program that we use within the class that deals with sculpting and texturing.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my work, and Thank you!

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